About Us

Mold Inspections Los Angeles is a premier company located within Los Angeles County dedicated to outstanding customer support!  Mold Inspections Los Angeles is a privately held company in the state of California.  Mold Inspections Los Angeles was developed to help service the needs of the community and provide a resource for those in need of mold related information on the world wide web.

Mold Inspections Los Angeles with close to several hundred mold investigations state wide, has become a leader in the local mold industry.  Its management and service capabilities in the water damage industry have helped many people with mold problems.  Mold   Inspections Los Angeles allows easy investigation and control of a mold problem within Restaurants or Commercial kitchens, in Schools, Hospitals,  Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, multi-residential Condominiums, Residential structures, Commercial buildings and Hotels.

Mold Inspections Los Angeles Is The Future

Mold Inspections Los Angeles  has developed a community resource integrated into a functional web site and platform.  Mold Inspections Los Angeles has developed a information portal for the community for research and guide themselves in selecting a qualified mold professional.
Mold Inspections Los Angeles uses local graduates and industry experts to inspect for mold or lead on your property.  A Certified Industrial Hygienist is on staff.